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Firearms & Weapons Offenses Lawyer in Sonoma County, CA

If you carry or possess unlawful firearms or weapons, the police and prosecutors will come down on you hard. California has an overwhelming amount of laws regarding weapons, handguns, assault weapons, and all firearms and the laws are severe. You can face time in jail or state prison, even if the weapon wasn’t used in a crime. If you have a gun case or a weapons case, it is essential that you have an attorney who is knowledgeable about firearms and weapons laws. Amy Chapman has over a decade of experience fighting these cases in court. She will explore every possible legal and technical defense and fight your case all the way to jury trial if necessary.

Gun Charges

Being convicted of a firearm charge can have harsh consequences. Depending on the type of violation and your history, certain convictions can make it impossible for you to ever legally possess firearms and can affect your job, your housing, and your professional license. The Law Office of Amy Chapman is experienced and ready to represent you in a wide variety of gun charges, including:

  • Concealed firearm in a vehicle
  • Carrying a concealed firearm without a permit
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Carrying a loaded firearm
  • Prohibited person in possession of a firearm
  • Possession of a stolen firearm
  • Possession of ammunition by a felon or a prohibited person
  • Possession of armor piercing ammunition
  • Possession of an assault weapon
  • Possession of a large capacity magazine
  • Possession of a short barreled or sawed off shotgun or rifle

Illegal Weapons in Sonoma County, California

California has outlawed a wide range of weapons ranging from the common (switch blade) to the exotic (shuriken, shobi-zue). Often times when law enforcement discovers these weapons, the person who possessed them is not even aware that they are illegal. Weapons laws are highly technical. The police and prosecutors often misinterpret what is illegal and what is not. The most common error made by law enforcement is arresting someone for being in possession of a switch blade knife when what the person actually possesses is a legal spring assisted knife. If you are charged with a weapons offense in Sonoma County, CA, your best bet is to hire an experienced firearms & weapon defense attorney who can sort through the law to get your case reduced or even dismissed! The Law Office of Amy Chapman can help you in any type of weapons case, including possession of:

  • Switch blade knife
  • Belt buckle knife
  • Cane sword
  • Concealed dirk or dagger
  • Metal knuckles
  • Billy club
  • Gravity knife
  • Butterfly knife

An Illegal Search Could Mean Your Case Gets Dismissed

If the gun, firearm, or weapon that law enforcement found was the result of an illegal search or detention, you may be able to get your case dismissed. Even if what you possessed was in fact illegal, the police cannot violate your constitutional right to be free from illegal search and seizure to get to it. We may be able to file a motion to suppress to ask the judge to exclude the “fruit of the poisonous tree” and get your case dismissed!

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If you’ve been arrested or investigated for any type of gun, firearm, or weapon charge, do not hesitate to call the Law Office of Amy Chapman today at (707) 636-3207 or contact the office online to schedule a free consultation.

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