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How Do You Help People Accused Of Sex Crimes?

How Can You Help in My Sex Crime Case?

I can help you and your family get through this type of horrible accusation and I can provide personalized service and the time you won’t get from a public defender. I have access to experts and investigators that will help me best take care of your case and I have the experience of having tried the most serious types of sex crimes in front of juries. I am not afraid to take on any type of case and I understand that good people can be accused of awful things; I never cast judgment on my clients.

Everyone has to realize that there will be lasting effects in terms of the stigma and the shockwaves a case like this can cause, and that it can affect your friends and family. The record of your arrest and your prosecution will always be public, even if you’re ultimately acquitted or the case is dropped. However, I can help lessen the negative effects.

What Should I Do if Contacted by the Police for a Sex Crime Investigation?

You always have the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney, so you should always call an attorney immediately and never talk to law enforcement without that attorney present. If police show up at your house and want to speak to you, you do not have to speak to them; if they have probable cause or a warrant to arrest you, they will arrest you and book you, but you’re never under any obligation to speak with them.

Sex Crime Cases Successfully Defended

I had a client who was here from another country on a work visa and he was out one night drinking and dancing with a group of friends. Later that night, he had a sexual encounter with a longtime friend of his who he had a crush on for quite some time. He felt guilty about the encounter afterward, not because it wasn’t consensual, but because her boyfriend, who was also a friend of his, was in the other room.

The next day she told her boyfriend that she was unable to fend off my client’s advances; she claimed she was asleep and had been drinking. They went to the police and my client was arrested and charged with rape.

The case went all the way to jury trial and my client was found not guilty by the jury. I’ll never forget the relief on his face when the verdict was announced because so much was at stake; he could have been sent to prison, he would have had to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and he would have been deported from the U.S. and not allowed to remain here on his visa. None of that happened and he was so grateful that he trusted the system and took his case to trial.

Why Do You Handle Sex Crime Cases?

I’ve been doing criminal defense exclusively for the past 16 years, starting in the public defender’s office, so when I was first assigned the misdemeanor cases, I immediately dealt with sex crimes cases, such as indecent exposure, unlawful sex with a minor (more commonly known as statutory rape) lewd acts, sexual battery and child pornography.

When I transitioned into felony cases in 2003, I was assigned the most serious child molestation and forcible rape cases as well as sexually violent predator cases. In my private practice, I’ve continued to represent people on child molestation cases, as well as cases involving rape, pimping, indecent exposure and child pornography, as well as representing people under investigation for sex crimes. Sex crimes can be loosely defined as those involving sexually lewd intent; anything from a misdemeanor, like indecent exposure, all the way up to the worst forcible rape or child molestation.

Misdemeanor sex crimes can be indecent exposure, lewd acts, sexual battery, unlawful sex with the minor if you are close in age with the minor, and some child pornography. Felonies can be anything from rape, child molestation, pimping, kidnapping with the intent to rape and internet sex crimes.

The most common cases I deal with come from accusations of child molestation and rape. Child molestation can be anything from an improper touching all the way up to an allegation of sexual intercourse with the child.

Do You Get a Typical Client in Sex Crime Cases?

All ages, races, walks of life can be accused of sex crimes, and it’s not the boogeyman that some people picture; often, a relative or an acquaintance is accused. Most people accused of a sex offense are male, but I have represented women accused of sexual offenses as well.

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