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What Court Are Domestic Violence Cases Heard In?

All misdemeanor domestic violence cases in Sonoma County start in a domestic violence courtroom presided over by the same judge, unless it was sent out to a trial department for further litigation. If the person was ultimately convicted, then they would send it back to the domestic violence court room for sentencing and monitoring within that courtroom. If it gets charged as a felony, then the case would be heard in the regular felony courtrooms just like any other felony case.

Anger Management Classes

The judge would typically not order anger management classes before the trial, although if the person was on any type of supervised release where they were being monitored by the probation department while their case was pending, then they may order counseling as suggested or directed. That counseling might include anger management classes, so the person would need to abide by those orders if that counseling was ordered and the person was on the supervised release.

At the very least, voluntarily seeking counseling or anger management classes would not hurt the case, although it might not help either. In some instances people who seek counseling on their own before the case is resolved can receive more favorable resolutions, but not always.

Plead a Case

A judge would not hear from the person directly outside of their own testimony at the trial unless they represented themselves, which would be a horrible idea. Emotions can run high on all sides in these cases, so it would be best to let an experienced attorney who knows the DAs and the judges advocate on the person’s behalf to get the best resolution.

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