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Category Archives: Marijuana

Is it Illegal to Drive While High in California?

Since the use of recreational marijuana was legalized in California on January 1, 2018, many people have questions about the… Read more →

“Plain Smell” Doctrine Results In Two Marijuana Busts In Sonoma County

Over the past few weeks, police in Sonoma County have made a number of arrests for transporting large amounts of… Read more →

Four Charged With Smuggling $250K Worth Of Marijuana From California To Pennsylvania

Earlier this month, four people were arrested and charged with various offenses relating to the alleged smuggling of 85 pounds… Read more →

California Appellate Court Rules “Concentrated Cannabis” Counts As Marijuana Under The Compassionate Use Act

Earlier last year in December, a California appellate court reversed a lower court’s decision holding that concentrated cannabis was not… Read more →

Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana In California

While the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in California, it may not be all that long until that… Read more →

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