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Category Archives: DUI

Discounted Uber Rides for Super Bowl Sunday

Discounted Super Bowl Uber Rides When it comes to having a night out, it helps when someone has your back.… Read more →

Discounted Uber Rides for St. Patty’s Day

  Discounted Uber Rides Amy Chapman is dedicated to helping residents in the Santa Rosa community. Offering personal coverage, thoughtful… Read more →

Tis The Season For DUI Checkpoints In Sonoma County. But Are They Legal?

Law enforcement has used sobriety checkpoints in California since the 1980’s. In recent years, waves of DUI/driver’s license checkpoints and… Read more →

49er Arrested For DUI And Marijuana Possession Will Not Play This Weekend

San Francisco 49ers special teamer and two-way player Demarcus Dobbs will not travel with the team to St. Louis this… Read more →

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