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Four Charged With Smuggling $250K Worth Of Marijuana From California To Pennsylvania

Law Office of Amy ChapmanEarlier this month, four people were arrested and charged with various offenses relating to the alleged smuggling of 85 pounds of marijuana. According to one local Pennsylvania news source, the four had a complex plan to transport the marijuana from Santa Rosa back to western Pennsylvania, where it would be broken down for retail sale.

Evidently, one of the four rented a car in western Pennsylvania and drove it to Santa Rosa, where it was packed up with 85 pounds of marijuana. From there, the driver picked up another friend and started their trek back across the country, heading for western Pennsylvania. However, in Kansas the couple were caught by police.

It isn’t exactly clear from the article, but it appears that the two who were caught gave statements to the police inculpating two others who remained back in western Pennsylvania, one of whom is alleged to be the man behind the plan. In exchange for her role in picking up the marijuana and driving it back, the woman driving the car at the time was to receive $2,000.

Each of the four defendants faces various drug-related charges, including conspiracy, possession with the intent to deliver, and criminal use of a communications facility. All are felony charges in Pennsylvania.

Santa Rosa Drug Crimes

Although the marijuana in the above case came from the Santa Rosa area, the people allegedly involved were caught in Kansas on their way to Pennsylvania and will be charged under the state laws of Pennsylvania. However, since they were traveling with such a large amount of marijuana, even if they had been caught here in California, where the marijuana laws are more lax, they still would have been in violation of the law.

Challenging Drug Seizures in California Courts

Even when a case seems cut and dry, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are often multiple ways that a dedicated criminal defense attorney can protect the interests of her client, including:

  • Filing a motion to suppress physical evidence of a drug crime, based on an illegal search under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution;
  • Filing a motion to suppress a verbal statement given by the client or a co-defendant, based on an illegal seizure of that person; and
  • Severing a client’s case from a co-defendant’s case when the client would be prejudiced if the cases were tried together.

Have You Been Charged with a California Drug Offense?

If you have recently been charged with any type of California drug offense, there are numerous ways that you can challenge the charges against you, ranging from motions to suppress to questioning the credibility of the witnesses against you. To learn more about how to defend against drug cases in California, contact attorney Amy Chapman. She has years of experience successfully defending her clients against all types of drug crimes. To set up a free consultation to discuss your case with Amy Chapman, call (707) 636-3207 today.

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