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Testimonials for Criminal Defense Lawyer Amy Chapman

Client Testimonials

  • “Ms. Chapman represented me when I was charged with several counts of drug possession, burglary and forgery in multiple cases. I thought ..." - Kathleen.

  • “I couldn’t have found the best Criminal Defense Attorney in Sonoma County! Amy Chapman help me through my 1st DUI. I contacted ..." - A Criminal Defense Client.

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Experienced, Powerful & Exceptional Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge, jail, or even state prison can feel incredibly stressful to you and your family. In this tough time, it is essential for you to have a criminal defense attorney with the experience, knowledge, and exceptional working relationships with prosecutors and judges to get the best possible result on your case. The Law Office of Amy Chapman represents clients in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and throughout the North Bay accused of any criminal offense. We will vigorously represent people facing a wide variety of criminal charges including DUI, domestic violence, drug and marijuana offenses, sex offenses, and all serious or violent felonies. If you or a loved one are accused of a crime, you need skilled legal counsel to advocate on your behalf.

Established and well known criminal defense attorney in Sonoma County

Attorney Amy Chapman is a personable and thoughtful advocate. She can anticipate judges’ and prosecutors’ thought patterns and prepare to counter any negative impressions they may have of the accused to present her clients in the best light possible. You need an attorney to examine and criticize each step and aspect of the government’s case against you. Procedural deficiencies in your case could lead to your freedom! Find a criminal defense lawyer who can take apart the government’s case against you!

Achieve the best result possible for your case

A top criminal defense attorney will look at every aspect of your case to check if the police, the prosecution, and the judge follow the law and respect your rights. In some instances, it is possible to get illegally obtained evidence suppressed which could mean the government is left with insufficient evidence to prove their case and they must dismiss. If each and every element of the crime you are charged with cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the Law Office of Amy Chapman can take your case all the way to jury trial and argue for a full acquittal. However, not every criminal case can end in an acquittal or a dismissal. When the government can prove the case against you, you still need to fight for the most favorable outcome possible. If it is possible to get your charges reduced to save you from jail or prison time, the Law Office of Amy Chapman will fight for your freedom. We can work with the prosecutors and the judges to reach a fair and reasonable disposition that you can live with.

Exclusive practice of criminal defense

The Law Office of Amy Chapman only handles criminal law matters. This focus allows for intense specialization and expertise that a client could not get from a general practitioner. By limiting our practice to criminal law, we have the attention to detail you need to fight your case. Whether you need representation because you are under investigation or you seek skilled trial counsel to litigate your case, you need to hire an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorney. Attorney Amy Chapman also serves the Sonoma State University Community where she likes representing the college kids to help them protect their rights and their future.

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Crime & Punishment In Sonoma County

Crime & Punishment In Sonoma County

(Guide To Help Defend Against Criminal Charges)

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Case Results

Charge: Attempt to possess to sell marijuana

Case Number: SCR XXX900

Results: DISCHARGED at preliminary hearing by the judge

Details: Client was driving northbound from Southern California through Sonoma County when he was pulled over fro a traffic violation. The officer smelled marijuana and....

Crime & Punishment In Sonoma County

(Guide To Help Defend Against Criminal Charges)

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