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Discounted Uber Rides for St. Patty’s Day


Discounted Uber Rides

Amy Chapman is dedicated to helping residents in the Santa Rosa community. Offering personal coverage, thoughtful advocacy and community support, Amy Chapman aspires to protect surrounding businesses, families and individuals alike. Continuing her belief in the community, The Law Office of Amy Chapman is offering discounted Uber Rides for St. Patrick’s Day riders on March 17, 2017. Aimed towards keeping people safe, the program will offer support between 5pm and 2am, as 100 rides will be offered, and riders can expect a $5 discount per ride.

St. Patrick’s Day Accidents

St. Patrick’s Day is an important celebration, and it’s a fantastic time for parties, gatherings, friends and family. Parades, bar get-togethers and street activities are common. Unfortunately, St. Patrick’s Day can often put individuals at risk. Miscommunications, accidents and injuries frequently occur.

Every year, about 266 drunk-driving casualties occur on St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, 75 percent of fatal St. Patrick’s Day car crashes involve a driver who’s two-times over the legal limit. Fatalities are common when alcohol and motorized vehicles are involved. Pedestrians are urged to be careful, as driving-related accidents may impact more than just drivers and passengers.

For this reason, the California Highway Patrol urges individuals to give a great deal of attention to roadway drivers. Drivers themselves are urged to avoid risky behavior. If you’re celebrating the holidays, be careful. Don’t take any chances, and opt into a discounted Uber Ride. Arrest, injury, and death are unfortunately prominent on St. Patrick’s Day, resulting in a variety of problems for the community and families alike. If you witness a friend or family member about to drive while intoxicated, stop them.

Caring About the Community

Uber is an incredibly reliable service, responsible for shuttling over 40 million riders monthly. Amy Chapman is committed to community safety and is dedicated to your safety throughout the holidays. Amy wants to inform drivers about the risks associated with alcohol and marijuana-related DUIs and is similarly dedicated to making public transportation options widely available. If an officer suspects a driver to be intoxicated, he or she can immediately evaluate them for indications of intoxication and request a chemical test.

The Law Office of Amy Chapman will support those in need, so please stay safe! Your health, livelihood and legal security are at stake. While your own movements during the holidays may be under control, those around you may be at risk. Discuss Uber rides beforehand with your friends and family, and establish a routine before the night takes off. In the past five years, hundreds have been killed in drinking-related accidents. The Law Office of Amy Chapman is here to help individuals avoid becoming a statistic. Stay safe, stay responsible and buckle up.

Complete the Form to Participate

To become eligible for a discounted Uber ride, please fill out the below form. Discounted rides are available to the first 100 people who sign up. We will email you the Uber code on Thursday, March 16th.


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